Seminarium: ”The prospects of Artificial Intelligence”

A workshop about the most recent research in Artifical Intelligence, February 8, 2016, 8.30 - 17.00. Organizers: Swedish Technion Society and Västerås Science Park.

This is a great opportunity to meet and to listen to some of the most eminent and interesting researchers today within the field of Artificial Intelligence. Three of our speakers come from the famous Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. Please see below information for applying to the seminar.

The workshop, including lunch and coffee in the breaks, costs SEK 250. There are two ways to pay for the seminar:
1. In advance to the Swedish Technion Society, plusgiro 34 31 27-7
2. In cash at the entrance.

Last day for application is January 26. Later registrations to the workshop itself can be accepted as long as there are free seats available.

Register here >>

Word of welcome. Stefan Sturesson, Chairman Swedish Technion Society.

Presentation of Västerås Science Park, VD Caroline Drabe.

Explicit Semantic Analysis: Wikipedia-based Semantics for Natural Language Processing. Prof Shaul Markovitch, faculty member of the Computer Science Department, Technion.

Coffee break.

Perception and action in natural and artificial agents Prof. Ron Meir, faculty member of the department of Electrical Engineering, Technion.

Intelligent future technologies. Prof Peter Funk, Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at Mälardalen University.

Safety critical embedded processing hardware enabling artificial
intelligence algorithms for autonomous robotics. Prof Fredrik Bruhn, Adj Professor in Robotics and Avionics at Mälardalen University. CEO at Unibap AB.


Cognitive Robotics on the Factory Floor. Prof. Erez Karpas, Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Technion.

Augmented reality as an effective tool for simplyfing robot
programming. PhD Batu Akan, head of R&D at Opiflex Automation AB.

Coffee break.

Smart assembly robot with advanced functionalities. PhD Mikael Hedelind, ABB Corporate Research.

Artificial Intelligence in the future. Summary, questions, conclusions. All the speakers.

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