Searching innovative applications for AI in additive manufacturing

Automation Region invites to webinar!

Machine learning and additive manufacturing are disruptive technologies that are fundamentally changing entire industries and businesses. Together these technologies opens up for entirely new solutions.

Automation Region, ISPIM and AMEXCI welcomes you to a webinar with focus on finding applications for AI in additive manufacturing. There will be time for questions in the end of the webinar which will be followed by a more in-depth roundtable discussion.

Maud Chidiac, AI project manager at AMEXCI, shares her experience from managing the merger of these two still immature technologies. In the following roundtable we will together with invited guests elaborate the challenges and opportunities related to the management of AI-innovation processes.

Roundtable panel:
  • Maud Chidiac – AI project manager at Amexci
  • Fernanda Torre – Visiting Teacher affiliated to the House of Innovation at the Stockholm School of Economics and CEO of Next Agents
  • Helena Blackbright – SIG leader and moderator for the roundtable discussion

This webinar will be held in English.

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