Request for quotation

With the attached RFQ Posintra Oy is looking for a service provider, who can offer a quick pre-feasibility study on a project about adapting a bioreactor to transform black waters into green energy in a circular economy model in a university living lab in Guadalajara, Mexico according to the description and parameters described in the Appendix: Project background and parameters for a pre-feasibility study.
The procurement described in this RFQ is funded with the support of SME2GO project. SME2GO is an EU funded growth project established to increase cooperation and exports of smart city solutions from the Central Baltic area to new and expanding markets.
Unfortunately our window of funding external services is narrowing rapidly, therefore the time period allowed for bidding is very short - we expect quotations from interested service providers already by February 7th. In addition, the delivery time of the work is of extreme interest to us, therefore the service should be performed as a desktop study, utilizing service provider’s own contacts and contacts provided by the buyer.
The RFQ and its appendix are attached.
Matti Herlevi
Development Manager, POSINTRA OY
Tel. +358 40 543 8349